Online Coding School Expands To New Markets Through Facebook Ads

Our client, an online school for software developers that allows students to enroll in classes with no upfront payment,  wanted to optimize their lead generation funnel and reach new high-growth markets. Our strategy team started the engagement by overhauling the entire top-of-the-funnel lead generation process. We created custom conversions in Facebook Ads to track each step in the application process allowing us to analyze conversion objectives further down the funnel and create more efficient campaigns and better lookalike audiences.

The Results:

  • We delivered up to 1,000 applicants per month.
  • A 6x increase from previous campaigns.
  • A decrease of their CPA by 56% and increase conversion rates from 18% to 34%.

The Situation

Online learning for software developers is a highly competitive space and our client’s unique value proposition of no upfront payments for coursework until students find work in their field should have helped them stand out. However, their marketing efforts were not getting them the results they wanted. 

Their Facebook campaigns were inefficient, sending all of the traffic to their home page, and creating high-cost leads that did not complete their application process. 

Our client wanted to achieve 3 goals through Facebook advertising:  

  • Expand to new markets that were less crowded.
  • Attract more women to their programs.
  • Optimize ad spend to decrease the cost per lead.

The Solution

We began the engagement by auditing the Facebook campaigns that our client had already been running in Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil. Our initial evaluation showed that previous campaigns were too broad and the copy and creatives didn’t fully articulate the program’s value or the process, leading to expensive leads. 

After the initial analysis we decided to use a 3-pronged approach for their Facebook Ads strategy:

  1. Identify custom personas based on business needs and target these audiences.
  2. Develop marketing assets for each stage of the funnel including landing pages, videos, ad creatives, and copywriting. This included creatives that highlighted the value of the income-share model to women seeking employment in software development.
  3. Align Facebook conversions with the client’s new lead qualification process to optimize for higher-quality leads further down the funnel.

Within a few months of honing the new application process and targeting specific audiences, we branched out to new territories in South America, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.  

The increases in applicants were almost immediate.

The Results

By creating a custom landing page that fully conveyed our client’s benefits for its students, we increased leads by 20%. Then, using A/B testing, we improved our landing page conversion from 18% to 34%.

A/B testing on the landing page included:

  • Different versions of explanation copy and graphics
  • Adding a sticky navigation bar with a clear CTA
  • Different versions of copy above the fold
  • Adding and subtracting content blocks

We helped our client track each step in the application process to understand which actions had the most friction. Once we knew where applicants were exiting the application, we created retargeting ads relevant to these specific steps to engage them once again. This customization allowed us to target prospects that were more likely to become students. 

Additionally, we helped our client develop new marketing assets, including an animated video that explains their value proposition and which they continued to use beyond our initial engagement. 

Once we fully optimized the client’s funnel, including the messaging and targeting, we saw our CPA drop from $57 to $25. Compared to their previous funnel, our strategy produced 6x more applicants and decreased CPA by 56%.

The Future

Our design and testing efforts allowed our client to target different countries with region-specific messaging.  

The addition of a region-specific strategy also allowed our client to navigate changing compliance regulations in each country and shift their ad spend to the countries that provided the highest ROAS.

Now they have a solid foundation to capture each possible lead that interacts with their content and advertising to fully maximize every dollar spent on marketing.

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