Jobs at Centrico Digital

Centrico Digital is a boutique digital marketing agency with global operations focused on solving our client's business problems using technology, data, and creativity.
Our team is bilingual, multi-national, and diverse in every way. We celebrate our diversity above all else.

Why work at Centrico Digital?


Uniquely supportive & open work culture

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All employees can be shareholders


Competitive salaries


Horizontal management structure

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Accelerated learning & growth opportunities: Fridays are dedicated to learning


Personal coaching based on setting goals and conquering fears

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Flexible hours and vacation


Work at the cutting edge of marketing and technology; No previous marketing experience necessary


Who does Centrico Digital hire?


Centrico Digital celebrates diversity and seeks individuals with unique life experiences that enrich our environment and creativity.


We welcome and encourage applications from individuals who belong to different nationalities, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and communities, including the LGBTQ+ communities.


We often hire people at the intersection of technology, liberal arts, and mathematics.


We look for people motivated by learning with strong growth potential.

What do past employees say about working at Centrico Digital?

"Centrico Digital challenges you to solve big problems, and gives you the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. The focus on employee well-being is authentic."

"The Centrico team is diverse and inclusive. This is an incredible achievement for a small company in Quito, Ecuador -- a highly unequal and segregated city. The team is also kind and incredibly smart. They served as my teachers, mentors, and friends. Centrico's biggest strength is whom it chooses to hire."

"Centrico Digital was the best academy for my professional growth. I'm so grateful to Matt and the team because I learned so much about different areas of digital marketing. After Centrico, I’ve continued onto high-level positions at bigger companies, which would have been impossible without the teachings I got from Centrico"


Who We Work With

Congrats! You kept reading! Before applying, consider the following tips:

Take your time and respond to the questionnaire with thought and reflection.

Be careful that your application doesn’t include a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes.

If you don’t know a lot about Centrico Digital, do some research, watch some videos, and tell us how you can add value to our team.

We have an anti-palanca policy, meaning that we do not prioritize friends and contacts in the application process. You can contact us if you’d like, but it won’t help your application.

If you’re not sure what role to apply for, use the open application.


We want everyone who comes in contact with Centrico Digital to have a positive experience. We aim to respond to all applications within 3-4 working days. Our hiring process normally takes no longer than a month, depending on available positions. If you apply and don’t hear back, please feel free to contact us to follow up.