Centrico Digital helped the Avo Automation team establish the tone for the brand, design the logo and other branding assets such as brand mascots and presentation templates.
  • Client
  • Avo Automation by SLK Software
  • Technology, SaaS
  • Branding, Web Design
  • Luis Cabezas, Daniel Cortez
  • SLK Software is a technology and consulting company that focuses on digital transformation and services for the manufacturing, supply chain, banking, and finance industries. When they contacted Centrico Digital they had already tested their new suite of products for test automation and robotic process automation (RPA), and they needed help turning the suite of products into a strong brand with its own identity. 
  • Our first step with Avo Automation was to organize a series of strategy meetings to define the core messaging for the brand. We then used this information to guide the design brief and design the Corporate logo and imagery as well as the logos for each of the products in the suite. We created a comprehensive brand manual that included many examples of the application of the logo for different communication channels. Our branding work also included the definition and design of the brand's mascot, which served to make automation, a traditionally dry and cold topic, friendlier and relatable.
The performance of our website improved with the help of Centrico Digital's team.
Annalisa Camarillo, CMO at Avo Automation