Centrico Digital supported FLINTpro with product branding and web design.
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  • FLINTpro - Mullion Group
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  • Luis Cabezas
FLINTpro Web
FLINTpro Branding
  • The Mullion Group is an environmental consulting firm based in Australia. They provide innovative systems and advisory services for monitoring and forecasting the impact of land management activities on production, greenhouse gas emissions, food security, and sustainable development. The first time they reached out to us, they were gearing up to launch their new SaaS product, FLINTpro, a data integration tool used to model and forecast the impact of changes in land use on greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • When we started working with the Mullion Group, it was clear that their SaaS platform, FLINTpro, needed to have a brand of its own; one that measured up to others in the tech industry. We worked closely with the Mullion team to establish the modern look and feel for their new brand and created all the necessary assets they needed, as well as a new website to promote the product. 
  • Then in 2021 we partnered with the FLINTpro team again as their product strategy had evolved and they wanted to update their branding and website to make sure both assets also evolved with the strategy.
I was struck by how well Centrico Digital managed to grasp an utter niche, technical space in which the FLINTpro platform plays.
FLINTpro Marketing Manager