Our team was responsible for the concept, script development, storyboard creation, character design, illustrations, animation and sound editing.
  • Client
  • Tecniseguros
  • Insurance
  • Illustration & Animation
  • Daniel Cortez
Centrico Digital character design
Centrico Digital illustration
  • About the client
  • Tecniseguros is one of Ecuador’s leading insurance brokers. They have over 40 years of experience advising individuals and businesses on the best insurance options available to them through various insurance companies that operate in the Ecuadorian market. When they contacted Centrico Digital’s team they were looking for an agency that could help them create engaging content that would help educate their prospective clients on the services their company offers.

  • Our creative team decided that video content would be the most effective format for Tecniseguros. We designed an animated video with custom illustrations and characters that could be used in different digital marketing campaigns with the objective of lead generation and engagement.

    The goal for this animated video was to remind potential clients of the benefits of health insurance while reminding them that when they chose to work with Tecniseguros they get support throughout the entire process, from choosing to purchasing a plan.