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Salesforce Einstein Analytics: What Is It And What Is It Good For?

Among the many measurement tools we can use to track our marketing, sales, and customer service activities, we want to highlight one of the most comprehensive on the market: Salesforce Einstein Analytics. In this article, we look at what it is, what it is good for, and how marketing teams use this indispensable tool.

What is Salesforce Einstein Analytics?

Einstein Analytics is a cloud-based analytics tool, part of the Salesforce suite. In addition to visualizing information, this platform allows you to predict data related to marketing, sales, and customer service activities.

What can you do with Einstein Analytics?

Einstein Analytics is a combination of BI (business intelligence) and AI (artificial intelligence), making it easy to analyze the information available in the Salesforce clouds as well as external data. This process can be done quickly through a range of preset visualizations.

On top of that, this tool allows the integration of algorithms and features in different marketing and sales processes, using artificial intelligence and facilitating decision-making.

Key Features:

These are some of Salesforce Einstein Analytics Key Features:

  • Sales Cloud Einstein: A set of functions with the objective of empowering sales processes on the Sales Cloud. It allows you to qualify prospects and opportunities based on historical and lifecycle information. Thus, it helps to predict the probability of winning an opportunity as well as offering relevant suggestions to help you close specific deals.
  • Einstein Discovery: This module facilitates the predictive analysis of or goal on a specific dimension. For example: “maximize profit margins”, “minimize costs”, etc. Once the goal is identified, the resulting dashboard includes possible problems to be considered and the actions that can be taken to achieve said goal.
  • Einstein Prediction Builder: A functionality that avoids the use of programming and, therefore, simplifies the construction of predictive models that are adapted to the context of each organization. This tool allows you to set predictions, define variables, and adjust them to more precise probabilities.
  • Einstein Language & Einstein Bots: The Einstein Language tool is based on natural text processing and allows users to train Einstein regarding positive or negative mentions in social networks, e-mails, and direct messages, among others. This functionality, in turn, is complemented by the Einstein Bot, which, like a chat, processes natural language and answers questions and requests from users.

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How can marketing teams take advantage of Einstein Analytics?

We have already explained what this tool is and what it is good for, but how can it be used by your team? For starters, some of the most important advantages that Einstein Analytics offers to support your marketing activities and strategies are interaction analysis, content optimization, and a better understanding of the sales funnel.

Additionally, Einstein Analytics is useful when interacting with prospects, especially in the B2B industry – which is known to be high-touch –.

These are some of the unique features that this tool has to offer:

  • Interaction Ratings: These metrics are categorized predictions that allow you to create audiences for sending personalized messages.
  • Anomaly notifications: These alerts are triggered every time contacts are exposed to different messages and anomalies are detected. It also includes recommendations to optimize content.
  • Send time and day optimization: This functionality uses machine learning to identify the optimal time and day to send a message to each recipient.
  • Interaction frequency Optimization: This option provides information about which customers may need more interactions with your brand or company and those who need a break.
  • Copy Tips: In addition to offering A/B testing for you to verify which promotional texts work best, this tool provides insights into your CTAs: originality, emotion, and overall language impact.
  • Content selection: this tool analyzes user interactions and suggests the optimal assets for each contact: images, gifs, videos, etc.

Finally, Einstein Analytics allows us to recognize the impact of different areas (sales, marketing, customer service) on the achievement of goals and the success of strategies. Thanks to its transversality, it allows the inclusion of relevant metrics for each stage of the sales funnel, from attraction to customer conversion and retention.

What is the difference between Einstein Analytics and other analytical tools?

If you’re still not sure that Salesforce Einstein Analytics is the tool you’re looking for, here are a few points that make it stand out from the competition

Native to Salesforce: Without a doubt, this is one of the main aspects that differentiates Einstein Analytics from other platforms. Because it is a tool designed within the Salesforce environment, it does not require any extra effort to integrate it with the data you already have within this ecosystem. On the other hand, this ensures certain essential qualities that come with the brand: it is reliable, agile, secure, and scalable.

Smart predictions: As mentioned earlier, Einstein Analytics offers different prediction modules, allowing it to make significant correlations and accurate predictions. In a way, it is like having a data scientist who translates metrics into an understandable language. Once the data is processed, Einstein generates answers, explanations, and suggestions in a way that is efficient and easy to understand.

Customization & optimization: Einstein Analytics offers different advantages in terms of customization. On one hand, it offers preset dashboards for marketing, sales, and service clouds; and on the other hand, it allows easy integration with other external sources, through its AppExchange. In turn, this tool has optimized the visualization of reports for mobile devices, allowing users to improve their productivity.

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