B2B Company Increases Leads by 106% While Decreasing Google Ads Spend

An important player in the gas industry had costly marketing efforts with unsatisfying results. They needed to optimize their B2B lead generation, at a determined CPA range, with a limited budget. They partnered with our Growth Lab team to implement a data-driven strategy focused on A/B testing and daily optimizations with ads on Google and Bing.

The Results:

  • Lead generation increased by 106% percent.
  • CPA decreased by 60%.
  • Ads expenditure was reduced by 21%.

The Situation:

Our client offers a very specific product to an even more specific B2B audience. Due to this limited market, our client was generating very few leads at a very high cost, making their marketing efforts unprofitable.

Moreover, seasonal and external factors affected the quality and amount of leads generated on a week-by-week basis. For example, we had to stop all “oxygen” related keywords in India due to the high demand for medical oxygen in the treatment of COVID-19.

The main goal for the client was to reverse negative tendencies and generate a high number of B2B leads, at a determined CPA range, with a limited budget of $8-10K per month.

The Solution:

We implemented ads on Google Search, Bing Search, as well as Google and Bing Shopping campaigns. We spent around $9K per month on both platforms. About 70% of that budget was spent directly on Google. However, Bing Ads was essential because it is an excellent platform for B2B businesses with reduced competition. Although the number of impressions is lower on Bing, it has the potential of getting more qualified leads.

We started by only promoting ads to a U.S.-based audience. Later, we expanded to Canada and kept branching out progressively. Towards the end of this engagement, we ran ad campaigns in the US, Canada, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, and India.

Our strategy focused on constant A/B testing with location targeting, bids, keyword selection, and daily optimizations. We managed campaigns with diverse combinations specifically for search ads. We ran branded and non-branded campaigns on contrasting keywords and ads; some were relevant to core gas elements and the client's products, and others were less relevant to these components with non-core keywords.

Our primary focus was to grow steadily, regulating the budget by focusing on the target CPAs on each platform.

The Results:

One year after beginning the engagement with our client in the spring of 2020, we generated 417 leads on Google Ads (106% more than the previous period) at a CPA of $187 (60% less compared to the previous average cost of $477 per lead).

Additionally, during this period, the ad expenditure in Google Ads decreased by 21%, meaning that we got more leads, at a lower price, while spending less money.

On Bing, we achieved 122 leads at a record CPA of $139. Interestingly, the target CPA was much higher than that for Google, given that we were spending less and achieving fewer impressions. However, our strategy on Bing proved to be effective and even surpassed Google’s CPA in terms of cost savings.

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